The Antidote to Shame is Forgiveness



S W A Y   F A C T O R ™

Not gonna lie, I hit a wall. Hard.

Q4 2015 was brilliant! I launched my new brand, started writing again, created my first digital product, and on New Year’s Eve, just under the wire, I published my shiny new website.

And then I disappeared.

Living Large, Living Life

To some it looked like I was living large, posting updates to my personal page from Cabo in January; a weekend skiing the mountains of Salt Lake City in February; a mission-driven trip to Nicaragua in March; and an amazing speaking engagement in São Paulo this past April.

But my inner circle knew I was doing battle with some old demons, the sort that appear out of nowhere, take you out of the zone and snap you right back to a place you fought hard to leave. In short, I went down for the count.

The Realization

And when I realized what had happened, I was immobilized by shame. For dropping the ball. Losing momentum. Abandoning you, my readers. For stalling out on chasing my dreams. If I couldn’t rally, how dare I ask you to?

Seeking a jolt out of my inertia, I contemplated jamming a fork into an electric outlet to shock myself into action. And then I remembered that salvation of this kind can only come from within. And I forgave myself.

I remembered my humanness and accepted it. Accepted myself. I put things into perspective. No laws were broken, no puppies abandoned, no unicorns sacrificed… I mean really Sima – get over it, get going!

And so here I am. Rallying. And that gives me free license to ask you to do the same. So you have that to look forward to!


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