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I’m finally drinking my own champagne…

Join me for the new Sway Factor™ brand and website reveal

Through my keynote speaking, corporate workshops and coaching, I’ve been showing business leaders how to increase their Sway Factor™ for a decade now. Clients around the world trust me to teach them how to build strong personal brands that earn promotions, drive sales, attract top talent and more.

As I sat down to plan a 10th Anniversary celebration I realized I wasn’t exactly drinking my own champagne. So I gathered the team and got busy. Really busy. We did the same work I ask my clients to do and carefully reconsidered who we serve and to what end. Now? We're nearly ready!

Check out my new highlight reel to get a taste of what’s to come.

In the meantime, I’m still speaking, consulting and coaching and eager to hear how we might work together. Hit me up at or 312-884-1888.

Watch Out for That Cork

When we pop open the celebratory champagne, we’d love to share a virtual toast with you.

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Increase your Sway Factor™ with a copy of “Make Your Connections Count.”