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The grass is always green when you chase your dream. cocktail napkin quote

Chase Your Dream, The Green Grass Is Yours To Grow

By Sima Dahl | October 26, 2015

Tweet about it here: Chasing your dream! @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor For 18 years I was a corporate marketer. I was good at it, and I loved it. Until I didn’t love it anymore. Setting the Stage to Chase … Read More

To be inspiring you must first inspire yourself. cocktail napkin quote

Life Hack: Turn Dread On Its Head, Inspire Yourself

By Sima Dahl | October 24, 2015

Tweet about it here: Be an inspiration to yourself! @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor It’s Sunday, it’s glorious outside, and I’m sitting on the floor of my newly downsized living room, which doubles as a dining room. And an office. … Read More

Action is power! cocktail napkin quote

Action is Power: How a Kitchen Timer Can Change Your Life

By Sima Dahl | October 12, 2015

Today I made a new best friend… a simple kitchen timer. Allow me to explain this new-found life hack and how it reminds me that action is power. A New Best Friend I woke up with … Read More

It's a small world, but I'd hate to paint it. cocktail napkin quote

It’s A Small World But I’d Hate To Paint It

By Sima Dahl | October 2, 2015

Tweet about it here: It’s a small world! @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor You can’t make this stuff up. Last week I had the privilege of giving back-to-back talks on personal branding at the University of Richmond. One of the … Read More

Smart people ask for support. cocktail napkin quote

Smart People Ask for Help

By Sima Dahl | September 14, 2015

Tweet about it here: Ask for support! @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor There is an important life lesson that I keep learning, then forgetting, then learning all over again, and it is simply this: I can achieve so much more … Read More

This Labor Day commit to finding a labor you love. cocktail napkin quote

My Labor of Love: Your Job Search Goes Social

By Sima Dahl | September 7, 2015

Tweet about it here: Have you found a labor to love? @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor It’s finally here – Labor Day – the day I promised to share some REALLY BIG NEWS for job seekers and career climbers everywhere. My … Read More

An investment in me is never for naught. cocktail napkin quote

Get Back To School, Always

By Sima Dahl | September 4, 2015

Tweet about it here: Never stop learning. @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor Back to School is one of my favorite times of year, and walking through the corner drugstore today I found myself fighting the urge to buy a few … Read More

TGIF - the goal is freedom! cocktail napkin quote

Dear Career Changers – TGIF!

By Sima Dahl | August 22, 2015

Tweet about it here: TGIF! @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor {I shared this on Friday with my Facebook page fans but thought my LinkedIn followers might also be able to relate…} And who hasn’t heard the term, TGIF? I had … Read More