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Happy is a choice. cocktail napkin quote

Happy Is A Choice. #choosejoy

By Sima Dahl | December 21, 2015

Tweet about it here: #choosejoy @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor For many people, this time of year is polarizing… (see what I did there?) It’s either your favorite season and you can’t wait to deck the halls, or it’s … Read More

Check your assumptions! cocktail napkin quote

Assumptions and the Art of “What If”

By Sima Dahl | December 9, 2015

Tweet about it here: What Happens When You Assume? @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor Last week I was talking with a woman contemplating her career options. She was in business for herself but growing weary of it and considering … Read More

Want more sway? Express gratitude every day! cocktail napkin quote

Gratitude; Be Thankful Every Day

By Sima Dahl | November 27, 2015

Tweet about it here: Want More Sway?@simasays #cocktailnapkinquote #personalbrands #swayfactor Apparently there is going to be some food and football served up by Americans today with a side of gratefulness, gratitude, and grace. Wondering if when … Read More

Tell 'someday' to suck it! cocktail napkin quote

Someday, Don’t Wait. Start Today!

By Sima Dahl | November 19, 2015

Tweet about it here: Don’t Wait! Start Today! @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor This past Tuesday I had the honor of delivering a keynote on personal branding at the VA-1 Tourism Summit, followed by a breakout session to help … Read More

Passion in action is a power magnet. cocktail napkin quote

Pursue Passion And Know Your Value!

By Sima Dahl | November 13, 2015

Tweet about it here: Pursue Passion And Know Your Value! @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote #personalbrands #swayfactor Last week I was heads down working on content for a workshop I’m delivering to a group of high potential employees at … Read More

Find your champions. Keep them close. cocktail napkin quote

Find Your Champions. Who Holds You Accountable?

By Sima Dahl | November 5, 2015

Tweet about it here: Find Your Champion @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote #personalbrands #swayfactor My cousin Cindy is a rare blend of cheerleader and truth-teller that I’ve come to call “champion.” More than a friend, different from a coach, … Read More

A network needs to be nurtured! cocktail napkin quote

Nurturing Your Network! Building Up Your Social Network

By Sima Dahl | November 3, 2015

Tweet about it here: Nurture Your Network! @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor Today I had the extreme honor of delivering a custom version of my signature Sway Factor keynote for a room filled with commercial bankers right here in Chicago. … Read More

The scariest thing is giving up. Be relentless in pursuit of joy. cocktail napkin quote

Choose Joy, Relentlessly!

By Sima Dahl | October 30, 2015

Tweet about it here: Choosing Joy, Relentlessly! @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor I have three tattoos and each serves to honor an important turning point in my life. The one on my left wrist is a 45RPM adapter. For you … Read More