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Right Foot. Left Foot. Breathe. Celebrate the Effort

Right Foot. Left Foot. Breathe. Celebrate the Effort

On July 25th of this year I set a goal: By my birthday, I will...
If you want to be remembered be memorable .cocktail napkin quote

Simma Down Now! The Art of Being Memorable. Be Memorable.

Coming home from a program I did for the Minnesota chapter of MPI this past...
Apologize in writing. cocktail napkin quote

Sorry? Say It in Writing

Sorry? My feelings were hurt. Although it was unintentional, that didn’t ease the sting. She...
Show-Up-Step-Up-See-It-Through cocktail napkin quote

Show Up Step Up & See It Through

Open your calendar and take a good hard look at it – if it’s anything...
Action beats understanding. cocktail napkin quote

Action Beats Understanding

About this time last year, I stopped practicing some healthy habits I’d worked very hard...
The beginning is simple the place we start. cocktail napkin quote

There is No Try? Squashing My Inner Yoda

When I’m not sure I can, I’m sure I can try. There is no try?...
Every day you get to choose who you are. cocktail napkin quote

Who Will You Choose to be Today?

The possibility of who I am in this world is born anew each day. When...
The antidote to shame is forgiveness. cocktail napkin quote

The Antidote to Shame is Forgiveness

Not gonna lie, I hit a wall. Hard. Q4 2015 was brilliant! I launched my...
Happy is a choice. cocktail napkin quote

Happy is a Choice. #choosejoy

For many people, this time of year is polarizing... (see what I did there?) It's...

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