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Celebrate the effort, for it is in the trying that you discover you. cocktail napkin quote

Right Foot. Left Foot. Breathe. Celebrate the Effort

By Sima Dahl | April 23, 2019

Tweet about it here: Challenge yourself by celebrating the effort! @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote #personalbrands #swayfactor  On July 25th of this year I set a goal: To launch an online training course teaching job seekers on personal branding and … Read More

If you want to be remembered be memorable .cocktail napkin quote

Simma Down Now! The Art of Being Memorable. Be Memorable.

By Sima Dahl | April 12, 2019

Tweet about it here: Being Memorable @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor Coming home from a program I did for the Minnesota chapter of MPI this past week, I found myself thinking about how people can become more memorable, be memorable. … Read More

Apologize in writing. cocktail napkin quote

Sorry? Say It In Writing

By Sima Dahl | June 24, 2017

Tweet about it here: Put it in writing! @simasays #personalbranding #swayfactor Sorry? My feelings were hurt. Although it was unintentional, that didn’t ease the sting. She was quick to apologize and I was even quicker to … Read More

Show-Up-Step-Up-See-It-Through cocktail napkin quote

Show Up Step Up & See It Through

By Sima Dahl | June 12, 2017

Tweet about it here: See It Through @simasays #personalbrands #swayfactor Open your calendar and take a good hard look at it – if it’s anything like most people’s, it’s crazy jam-packed-busy. You can’t possibly add even one … Read More

Action beats understanding. cocktail napkin quote

Action Beats Understanding

By Sima Dahl | May 8, 2017

Tweet about it here: Feeling Stuck? @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor About this time last year, I stopped practicing some healthy habits I’d worked very hard to create. I stopped regularly working out. I stopped writing every week. I … Read More

The beginning is simple the place we start. cocktail napkin quote

There Is No Try? Squashing My Inner Yoda

By Sima Dahl | June 2, 2016

Tweet about it here: Squash your inner Yoda! @simasays cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor When I’m not sure I can, I’m sure I can try. There is no try? The word “try” gets a bad rap. Take the Star Wars … Read More

Every day you get to choose who you are. cocktail napkin quote

Who Will You Choose To Be Today?

By Sima Dahl | May 18, 2016

Tweet about it here: Every Day You Get To Choose Who You Are @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor The possibility of who I am in this world is born anew each day. When Negative Thoughts Bubble up When I … Read More

The antidote to shame is forgiveness. cocktail napkin quote

The Antidote to Shame is Forgiveness

By Sima Dahl | May 5, 2016

Not gonna lie, I hit a wall. Hard. Q4 2015 was brilliant! I launched my new brand, started writing again, created my first digital product, and on New Year’s Eve, just under the wire, I published … Read More